Update 14 AugustSunday Coaching is on BUT all those wishing to attend must scan our QR code as they enter.  Read also other relevant conditions below. Sunday games are on but please read  details below.

Important Update 11 August 2020

You will have no doubt by now know of the Covid 19 developments moving us in Wellington to Level 2 until at least Friday midnight.

The games this Wednesday and Thursday will remain on but see conditions below.  We will make a further call on whether Sunday will be on when we get more information later in the week.

We would ask team captains to please:
1.  Make a note of any variations from the team lists you remitted to us in respect of the people who actually take the court Wednesday / Thursday.  You do not need to send them to me but just keep an accurate record.
2.  Ensure any of your team members who are sick (even a cold) stay away.
3.  Use the hand sanitiser before and after each game and refrain from shaking hands.
4.  Encourage all team members to have the Co-vid App downloaded and scan yourself into the gym.
As the situation evolves we will do our very best to keep you informed.
Ann & Richard & CCV Team